Cursor implements numerous keybindings that enable you to utilize the AI features as quickly as possible. Sadly, this changes some default VSC keybindings.

In Cursor, Ctrl/⌘ + K is used for the inline edits. We, therefore, changed the keychord leader key to be ⌘ + R on Mac and Ctrl + M on Windows and Linux.

For example, in Cursor Unfold all is now ⌘ + R ⌘ + J on Mac and Ctrl + M Ctrl + J on Windows and Linux.

If you’re used to the VSC keybindings and want to keep them, you can change the shortcut for workbench.action.keychord.leader in the keyboard shortcut settings. For example, you can set that back to the default Ctrl/⌘ + K and then change Cursor’s keybindings to something else.

Here’s a list of Cursor’s shortcuts:

  • aipopup.action.modal.generate
  • editor.action.floatingPromptBar.focus
  • aichat.doAdvancedCodebaseQuery
  • aiInterfaceAgent.startInterfaceAgent
  • aiInterfaceAgent.pauseInterfaceAgent
  • aiSettings.action.toggleModel
  • cursorai.action.generateInTerminal
  • cursorai.action.hideGenerateInTerminal
  • cursorai.action.cancelGenerateInTerminal
  • cursorai.action.acceptGenerateInTerminal
  • cursorai.action.acceptAndRunGenerateInTerminal
  • cursorai.action.rejectGenerateInTerminal
  • aipopup.action.focusEdit
  • aipopup.action.cmdKRemoveFollowup
  • editor.action.cancelFloatingPromptBar
  • editor.action.rejectFloatingPromptBar
  • aipopup.action.closePromptBar
  • editor.action.inlineDiffs.cancelPromptBar
  • aichat.newchataction
  • aichat.setcodeblockaction
  • editor.action.acceptInlineSuggestionDiff
  • aiFeedback.action.reportBugs
  • aichat.newfollowupaction
  • aichat.fixerrormessage