You can add your own custom documentation to Cursor that the AI can learn by opening the @Docs reference in chat and clicking on Add new doc.

Clicking on Add new doc will open a dialog where you can specify the entrypoint URL for your new documentation. This URL can be any page within the documentation that contains links to every other section of the documentation. Typically, this would be something like a sidebar on the documentation page. If your URL includes such links, that will work well.

After submitting your entrypoint URL, the dialog will expand to include other settings.

The prefix represents the root of all URLs associated with your new documentation. It is used to filter out links that do not pertain to the documentation. This means that any URL not starting with that prefix will not be included in your documentation.

Typically, this prefix might be something like If the documentation is located on a subdomain, the prefix might be the same as the entrypoint URL, for example,

Lastly, there’s the Name input. This is the name for your documentation that will appear when you manage your docs and when you reference this documentation in the chat.

After you’ve completed all the required fields, you can click the Confirm button. This will return you to the chat interface where you can find your newly added documentation referenced. Above the documentation reference, you can monitor the progress of Cursor as it learns your new documentation. Once it’s finished, you’re ready to go.

You can manage your custom documentation in the Cursor Settings Popup under Docs.