In your Chat messages and your Inline Code Edit & Generation instructions, you can quickly provide the AI with a bunch of information using the ”@” symbol. Let’s go through them one by one.

a) Files

You can reference any file from your workspace. You just need to type out the file name after the @ symbol, and then the AI can view the full file.

b) Code

You can reference smaller code blocks, such as functions, by typing out the function name.

c) Docs (documentations)

You can also reference documentation. The AI will select the most relevant parts of the documentation needed to answer your questions.

We have a range of documentation already available, and if you want to add another one, you can easily add your own Custom Docs.

d) Lint errors

You can quickly import all the information about the lint errors in your current file into the chat.

This is only available in Chat.

e) Git

You can quickly show the AI the differences in your codebase compared to the main branch, the differences from the working state, and even reference single commits by typing out the commit message.

This is only available in Chat.

f) Codebase

You can quickly reference the most relevant snippets from your entire codebase for your question. To make this feature as efficient as possible, you need to index your codebase beforehand.

This is only available in Chat.

You can use this feature more quickly by using the Codebase chat bind Ctrl/⌘ + Enter instead of pressing just Enter when sending your message. Then, you don’t need to write out @Codebase in your message.

Using the @Codebase reference in your message will give you access to advanced codebase context settings.

g) Chat

This is only available in the Inline Code Edit & Generation.

You can quickly enable the Inline Code Edit & Generation to view your currently opened chat. Normally it’s separated from the chat and doesn’t see it.

h) Folder

Currently, this is only available in the Nightly Build.

You can reference a whole folder.

This is only available when your codebase is indexed.