Chat lets you talk with an AI that sees your codebase. The chat is located in the Cursor AI Pane.

Choose your AI model.

In this little dropdown, you can choose your AI model. The differences between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 are explained here.

This dropdown might display additional models if you connect to your own Azure API.

If you want the AI to always have knowledge of specific information, such as your own rules, you can utilize the Rules For AI feature.

What of my code does the AI see?

1. Current File

The AI can always see your currently focused file and the position of your cursor.

This means that if you have a question that’s solely related to your current file, you don’t need to do anything but ask your question. You don’t need to specify the file or the block of code you’re referencing.

The name of this current file will always be displayed right under your message.

2. ”@“-Symbol References

You can use ”@“-Symbol References in your messages.

Slash Commands

You can use Slash Commands in your messages.

Other Buttons

This button will detach the chat from the Cursor AI Pane and put it into its own tab. This allows for more control over the position of the chat.

In order to attach the chat back to the Cursor AI Pane, you can simply close that tab again or click on the Attach to Side Panel button inside the chat tab.